Alcyone Soft


What We Do

The World Wide Web is without a doubt one of the most revolutionary technologies of our time. It constantly changes how we see the world, how we communicate to each other and how we conduct business.

Due to the ever changing nature of the web it continues to support innovations in different businesses worldwide, We see this as a strategic direction and our main resources are focused here. Most of our solutions are enabled by various modern Cloud technologies.

Our main goal is to help businesses to be more successful. The way how we achieve that and our main advantage over other Cloud application development companies is that we cover the whole process of creating new product: from the very first idea till the fully functional Cloud service and beyond. We can assist your business in automating unique business processes that allow you to spend your time doing what you do best.

Whether you are a small business wanting to become noticeable on the Internet, or an enterprise business looking for a professional Cloud development services, using our agile approach and our technical expertise we will cooperate with you to achieve your goals.

Our services include:

Design and Development »

  • Cloud Big Data Platform
  • Traditional Website
  • E-commerce Website
  • Database Driven Web Application
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Consulting »

  • Google Cloud Platform Services
  • Process Automation
  • Desktop and Web Software Architecture
  • Current and Future State System Analysis or Design